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Nursery Places Available!

nursery flyer

Brownlow Fold Nursery

Darley Street

Bolton BL1 3DX

2, 3 and 4 year old funded places available

OFSTED 2011 said:

‘Children, including the under threes, are happy and settled in the bright stimulating environment which encourages them to be active, creative, independent and confident learners’.

Extra sessions are available at £10/session

Please contact Mrs Fletcher – Nursery Administrator

For further information or to arrange a visit on

01204 333514



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Our Year 5/6 football team are preparing for their first match of this academic year. The nets are up and ready to be used for tonight’s game, good luck to all of the team! 

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Year 2 Class Assembly

The school and Year 2 parents were treated to a wonderful learning experience this morning when The children from Year 2 expertly presented their “Hall of Fame” assembly.  Here are a few comments from parents and photographs to give you a flavour of this wonderful assembly.

“A lot of work put in by Year 2. Well done, I enjoyed watching.”

“The whole class did brilliantly with their “Hall of Fame ” assembly.”

“I loved hearing about all the new and strange inventions.”


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Year 3 Class Assembly

Well done to the amazing Year 3 who presented their informative class assembly all about rainforests this morning. Thank you to all the parents, family and friends who came along to support them. Here are a selection of their comments:

“A wonderful, informative assembly with the added benefit of photos and songs! A jam packed 15 minutes of fun and mayhem.”

“An excellent topic to learn about.  Year 3 delivered lots of information and it shows what they have learned about.”

“Fantastic, well prepared and really informative. Very impressed!”

“Lots of interesting facts to help remind us about the importance of the rainforests and trees.”

“Very good play. Very educational, well done to all of you!”



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Reception Class Assembly

The talented children from our Reception Class presented their class assembly all about traditional tales this morning.  Thank you to the 31 parents and friends to came along to support them.  Here are a selection of their comments:

“An absolutely wonderful assembly.  I enjoyed it so much.  The children have done a fantastic job.”

“Wow!  What a lovely assembly.  I loved the picture collection at the end of the assembly.  It shows some of the fantastic work the children have been doing.”

“All of the children did really well.  They are a credit to their families and to the staff who have done a wonderful job nurturing them.”

“The assembly was a gorgeous celebration of all that Reception have done this year.  It was wonderful to see how the children have grown in confidence in their performance.”IMG_3359[1] IMG_3348[1] IMG_3350[1]IMG_3354[1]

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Well done to the fabulous Year 4 for their interesting and informative assembly. Thank you to the 35 parents and friends who came to support them.  Here are a few of their comments:

“Really enjoyed it, thank you.  You could see the kids loved it too.”

“Very well presented.  Enjoyed performance by the children.”

“Excellent information on animals.  The best thing was the children looked like they were enjoying it.”

“Wonderful assembly.  A great variety of work done on this topic.”

“Extremely informative.  The children clearly loved this term’s theme.  We also had a great time learning the songs together at home.”


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FAB Cake Sale

Many thanks to our Friends At Brownlow (FAB) team who led today’s non-uniform day and cake sale. We appreciate all our families’ support  and your generous donations of cakes and money that made this event possible.

What a fabulous cake sale; we all enjoyed it! Many thanks to our FAB mums.

What a fabulous cake sale; we all enjoyed it! Many thanks to our FAB mums.

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What An Amazing Football Team!

Congratulations to our Brownlow Fold Football Team who won their tournament last week. We are very proud of you!

What a team!

What a team!

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Thank you to the 34 parents who came to support our Year 1 children last Friday.  You were a perfect audience.  The children were beautifully behaved and gave a brilliant performance all about their learning.


Here are some of the comments from our parents:

“Amazing performance by the Year 1 class.”

“It shows how much they enjoy going out. They are so co-operative and work as a team.”

“Wonderful assembly.  Well done to the kids, teachers and caterpillars.”

“Lovely assembly.  I loved the performance with the songs and the actions.”

“I really enjoyed it,  I could see the things they have learned about animals and that was great.”

“An absolutely fantastic assembly by Year 1 – enjoyed it to the max! Loved the song and the moves delivered by the children.”

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Year 5 Class Assembly

Parents and children watched an informative assembly about the Vikings by the talented children in Year 5 this morning.  Well done, everyone – you all worked so hard in lessons, learned so many interesting facts and put on a super performance.Year 3 ipad 346 Year 3 ipad 335 Year 3 ipad 337 Year 3 ipad 342 Year 3 ipad 345 Year 3 ipad 350 Year 3 ipad 353 Year 3 ipad 356 Year 3 ipad 357 Year 3 ipad 358 Year 3 ipad 359

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