Attendance and Punctuality Coffee Morning

Many thanks to the 21 parents who were able to join us at this morning’s Attendance and Punctuality Coffee Morning. We will be running the session again for parents who were unable to attend.

Our weekly attendance is published at the bottom of our new website every Wednesday. You can compare individual class attendance and see how well we’re doing towards our whole school attendance target.

How well is your child's class doing?

How well is your child’s class doing?

Here are some of our parents’ comments following this morning’s session:

A very useful and informative attendance and punctuality morning. Really motivated me to send my children to school every day and on time.

This coffee morning was very informative because it highlighted how important attending school is for my child and how much they miss when they are absent.

Very helpful and informative as always. I am happy with today’s coffee morning.

Today’s coffee morning was very informative and the statistics of children missing school really made me aware of how important attendance and punctuality are for my children.

It has been very helpful coming to this meeting, especially finding out about unauthorised absences.

As a parent, I do make sure my son is in school every day and on time. I found this session helpful as it assured me I was doing everything right.

Very useful information. Good tips given to help parents.

Thanks for the meeting; useful for people who have poor attendance.

Very good help. I enjoyed it. The session was very informative and useful.


Slides used during presentation:


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