Year 5 Class Assembly

Parents and children watched an informative assembly about the Vikings by the talented children in Year 5 this morning.  Well done, everyone – you all worked so hard in lessons, learned so many interesting facts and put on a super performance.Year 3 ipad 346 Year 3 ipad 335 Year 3 ipad 337 Year 3 ipad 342 Year 3 ipad 345 Year 3 ipad 350 Year 3 ipad 353 Year 3 ipad 356 Year 3 ipad 357 Year 3 ipad 358 Year 3 ipad 359

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  1. Mrs. Thompson says:

    This half-term’s learning about the Vikings has been fabulous, Year 5; I have enjoyed all of you sharing your newly-learned facts with me and your Viking helmets were very creative. I know that you all benefited greatly from your Viking wow visitor; many thanks to our Governing Board for the financial contribution they make to help make these first-hand learning experiences possible.

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