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Dinosaur Roar

How do dinosaurs move?


Are they all carnivores?

Click on the link to find out what different dinosaurs eat…….

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Problem Solving

Today our challenge was to order the characters into the correct order based on a set of statements.

We we did this independently and we all we able to solve the problem.

image image image

Well done year 1!!!

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Today we looked at odd and even numbers.

We found out that odd numbers can not be split evenly in half, there is always anĀ odd one left over.

We also found that even numbers are part of the 2 times table.



During the lesson we continued our work on repeated patterns and created our own using different media.


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Planting Cress

In science we have been looking at what plants need to grow. We have predicted that to grow the best cress we will need soil (Cotton wool), water, warmth and food.

We all broke the wool, sprinkled some seeds and gave them some water. They are now on the window sill to make sure they get sunlight for their food.

image image image image image image

Next we wondered if we were right. We decided to create a test to see. In our experiment we are testing 4 different things.


  1. Take away the plants warmth and keep it in the fridge.
  2. Take away the plants sunlight and keep it in the cupboard.
  3. Take away the plants water.
  4. Take away the plants soil so there is no base for it to grow on.

Lets let’s see what happens!!!

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Outside maths

This weeks maths topic has been all about measuring. So year 1 went off outside to use their new knowledge on a scavenger hunt.

The children worked in pairs to find everything on the list using their measuring skills.

image image image image imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Did you find everything on your list?

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Blue Planet Aquarium

What at a wonderful time we had at Blue Planet Aquarium. We got to see lots of creatures in their habitats. We had a great time in the classroom session looking at real shark bones and even feeling a squishy starfish!

The sting ray feeding was very exciting as the divers fed them in the large tank for everyone to see.

Thank you to all staff and volunteers for helping out, and thank you to year 1 for being wonderful.


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Problem Solving

Today we found out that Miss Jones needed our help. She has bought her friend a present and needed a box big enough.

Year 1 had to find out the gift box with the biggest volume by using cubes. We saw it was tricky to know which one had the biggest volume by just looking at them.

First we predicted how many cubes would be able to fit, then we filled the box by placing the cubes in neatly. Finally we counted how many cubes fit inside.

well done year one for some superb problem solving!

image image image image image image image image image image

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This half term our science topic will be Plants. Today we looked at the main parts of plants and flowers and what their jobs are.

We learnt that roots keep the plant in the ground and soak up water from the soil. That the stem keeps the plant strong and water moves up it. We found out that the leaves make food for the plant using the sun and that the flower attracts bees and butterflies.

We have also started an experiment to see how a stem works. We have used celery and coloured water. What do you think will happen?

We shall check the celery tomorrow to see what has happened.


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Sculpture Project

On the last day of the half term, the children of year 1 created some wonderful sculptures influenced by the artist F Hundertwasser.

They have used CD’s and acrylic paint to create their fabulous designs.

After drying over over the half term, we have been able to hang our great sculptures in the trees of the key stage 1 playground.

Please come and have a look at our amazing work.

image image image

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