School Linking Project

This year we are getting to know children from another school in Bolton. So far we have written a letter to them and received one back and we have exchanged details about ourselves including our names, our favourite colour, our favourite food and our hobbies. This week we went on a trip to meet our linking partners for the first time. We went to Bolton College to join in with different sporting activities, these included cycling, boxing, dodgeball and football. Here we are interacting with our new friends.

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14 Responses to School Linking Project

  1. Rihanna dad says:

    I hope you enjoyed Bolton collage

  2. Miss Hignett says:

    Well done year three. The linking project sounds very exciting.

  3. 0122011ap1 says:

    Wow year 3 you have sure enjoyed yourselves and it looks like you have made lots of new friends

  4. Hope you enjoyed your visit year 3

  5. 0122013fa1 says:

    We had a brilliant time

  6. 0122013mh1 says:

    Did you have fun at bolton college
    Mariyah’s dad

  7. 0122013fa1 says:

    Yes we had a birriliant time doing sport .

  8. 0122013mh1 says:

    I had lots of fun at the Bolton collage we did lots of different sport activities!

  9. 0122013sh says:

    we had lots of fun and I made a new friend called Abigail.

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