The Ancient Egyptians

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19 Responses to The Ancient Egyptians

  1. Rehan says:

    When one of the Egyptians died they go in a coffin

  2. Rehan says:

    The Egyptians wore eyeliner to show that they are rich

  3. 0122013aa1 says:

    It was so much fun making a mummy

  4. 0122013si says:

    Tutankhamen is buried in valley of the kings.Howard Carter Founded the tomb of King Tutankhamen on 1st of October,1922.The Pharaohs were buried in the pyramids so that’s why the pyramids were built.When a Pharaoh died,they got mummified and the dead mummy went in a coffin called a sarcophagus.It is forbidden to climb the pyramids but in the 19th century,people began climbing onto the pyramid and people still do it today

  5. 0122013mh says:

    When the kings and queens died they where put into a tomb.Tutankahm became a King at 9 years old and died at 18 years old.Tutankahmun dethmask couloir was gold and blue and the biggest pyramid was In the great pyramids of Giza.

  6. 0122013hp says:

    We mumyfyed a body. Some of The Egyptians were very rich.Tutankhamun was famous Tutankhamun was very rich.his death mask was gold and blue.

  7. 0122013zn says:

    When the mummies are dead the Egyptians will wash the body then they would put some Palm oil on the body then we got a hook and took his brain out of his nose and it was seriously disgusting next we took his organs mean like lungs stomach and intestines then we put some of the organs in the canoipic jars.then we put Natron salt and left it for 40 days.

  8. 0122013rk says:

    The Egyptians wore eyeliner to show that they are rich and when they died they got put in a sarcophagus. Hawed Carter found Tutankhamun dethmask.and a person took all of the organs out of the body and put them in a cnopic jars they got a hook and took the brain out threw the nose most Egyptians had lots of gold Tutankhamun has a blue and gold dethmask.Tutankhamun got put in a is forbidden to climb the pyramids but in the 19 centres people started to climb the pyramid and people still do it today

  9. 0122013sn says:

    The EGyptians wear makup to make them buetiful even the men.The Egyptians wrote pictures for words and the Kings and the Queens wear Julry so that people new that they were rich. We are learning about Tutankhamun hawarad carta found Tutankhamun and Tutankhamun death mask is in the valley of kings.Tutankhamun died wene he was 18.we made necklaces for Tutankhamun.

  10. 0122013ai1 says:

    Year 3 mummified a body.It was really fun. We coloured and sketched Tutankamuns death mask. Tutunkamun was a famous pharaoh because he was very rich.Tutunkamun became a pharaoh when he was 9 and died when he was 18. We made our own Egyptions necklaces!

  11. 0122013fa1 says:

    Tutankhamen died when he was about 18. Tutankhmun become a king when he was 9.tutankhmunhad a death mask when he died.qeens and kings wore make up to that there were rich.Mcauley got mummified. Tutankhmun was Burried in the valley of the kings.

  12. 0122013sp says:

    The ancient Egyptians used to wear makeup to make them look pretty. Even the men used to wear makeup. They wore makeup because they wanted to show that they
    Were rich. They used to wear makeup like eyeliner blusher and eye shadow. The ancient Egyptians were not all rich so some ancient Egyptians did not have enough money to afford makeup . Tutankhamun was a pharaoh.

  13. Faizan says:

    Tutankhamun died when he was 18 .Tutankhamun was a very famous. Only famos people go in the pirimid.

  14. 0122013aa1 says:

    Did you know the kings and queens in Egypt wore makeup to show that they were rich and we mummified Mcualey and we sketched Tutankhamun . Tutukamun has a gold and blue deaf mask . The biggest river in Egypt is called the river Nile. Egypt has lots of sand.

  15. 0122013ha says:

    I love to learn about the Egyptians because i loved learning about Tutankhamun. He was only 9 when he became a Pharaoh.

  16. 0122013an says:

    I remember that miss heyse mummy fiyed mcauley and it was so,so,so fun. Did you know evan the mans put makeup and joolery.we made some neklesis like the ones in the egyptoin times and we drawed some pictures of Tutankhamen.It was fun! We wrote some adventure story for the 500 word Contest.

  17. 0122013rk1 says:

    Not only ladies used to were makeup in Egypt men did to.Poeple used to wear makeup to show that they were rich.When the Kings died they were into a tomb and in the valley of the kings.

  18. 0122013wi says:

    My favourite traditional tale is Jack and the Bean Stalk .Jack is very funny and silly but naughty. he met a wisard and give some magic beens and planted them and huge been stalk came. These are my favourite part of the story.

  19. 0122013ap says:

    We mummified mcauley and it was sooo much fun ,I am enjoying this theme so far

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