Descriptive writing challenge

broken-windowWrite four or five fabulous descriptive sentences about this broken window.

Who could have lived in a house like this?

Think about adjectives, conjunctions and sentence openers.

Remember to show off your very best writing skills.

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6 Responses to Descriptive writing challenge

  1. 0122013mh1 says:

    The broken window is old and dusty.
    It is dirty and looks horrible.
    The broken window is grey and it has strips on it.
    3/6 of it is broken.

  2. 0122013mh says:

    It is very broken with peasis missing out of the window. The window lookes like someone has broken the window. There is a brick in the window. The window has lines and patterns . The window is made out of wood and metal. The window has long peisis of wood.

  3. 0122013mz says:

    the window is bashed and broke.
    gosts or monsters could of lived in that house.
    it is old and damp.

    the building is haunted .
    a gost or monster could of lived in that house.
    the house is bashed and broke.
    the house is dirty.
    the building is old.


  4. 0122013jh says:

    This place looks abandoned which means nobody lives in it any more .
    This place looks old and rusty and dirty .
    This place looks damaged and broken and dusty.
    This window is also broken

  5. 0122013aa2 says:

    This window is a wooden window . This window is very old . It has different coulored stripes . These are wooden stripes . This window is rusty.

  6. 0122013ap says:

    This is a wooden window and this window is very old ,rusty and damp.This window is smashed.It has lots of small stripes.

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