Which is your favourite traditional tale character?

In this blog, think about your favourite traditional tale character and write a short paragraph explaining why they are your favourite.



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17 Responses to Which is your favourite traditional tale character?

  1. 0122013mq says:

    Jasmmin is my best character because she is kind and and she is pretty. I love her magic carpet. Her tiger is very cute. I really love her dress.i wish I was Lovlyer then jasmmin. I love her qrown (crown).She is from alladin.

  2. 0122013ai says:

    I like Little red Riding Hood .I like the part when little riding hood said what big eye’s you have .I like when little red ridding Hood sings.

  3. 0122013jh says:

    My favourite character is the gingerbread man because he is cheeky . He says you can’t catch me because I am the gingerbread man .Nobody can catch him because he is to fast. He makes everyone chase him because everyone wants to eat him . He saw a river and a fox he asked the fox to help him to get across the river and the fox said yes he got close to the the other side of the river until the fox flipped him in the air and in one gulp the fox ate the gingerbread man whole and the gingerbread man was never seen again the end.

  4. 0122013mb says:

    My favour charicter is the big bad wolf because he makes me laugh and he blows down the 3 pigs houses down the first one was made out of straw and the second one is made out of sticks the third one is made is made out of brick.

  5. 0122013sh says:

    My favourite traditional story is Cinderella. I like the part when her stepmother and stepsisters make her do lots of work and doesn’t let her go to the ball. I also like her long flowing beautiful blue dress. The story Cinderella is really interesting because it’s got a fairy godmother in it and it can do magic like turning the mouse into a coach man.I also like the bit where she goes to the ball and she has to be back by midnight and she loses her shoe.

  6. 0122013mm says:

    I love the book called Ginger bread man because when the ginger bread man runs through the whole village then everyone got to chase him and they keep chasing him and he is very annoying but very checky but some times he is very noty and very kind.

  7. 0122013rk1 says:

    Cinderella is my favourite character and I love her big blue dress, she has a nice lovely face and she is a PRINCESS!

  8. 0122013mh1 says:

    My favourite traditional tale is hansel and Gretal I like Gretal because she looks after hansel and she pushed the wicked witch in the oven!
    By Mariyah

    My favourite traditional tale is the ginger bread man because the ginger man has coloured buttons. He runs through the streets.
    By Ameerah

  9. 0122013nd says:

    Little red riding hood is kind and lovely . Red is my favourite colour and when she sings la la it’s my favourite song. I like the wolf when he tries to gobble up little red riding hood.When the wolf tries to be the grandma and little red riding hood come’s and knock ‘s on the door and the wolf says come in like little red ridding’ s grandma .When little red riding hood says what big teeth you have the wolf says to better to eat you with. I find this funny.

  10. 0122013an says:

    Aurora is my favroute character because I like her dress and she is pretty. I like the part when she slept 100 days,when she was a baby she was so,so,so cute.Her hair is so,so lovely and her crown is nice and royle,she is from the story Sleeping Beauty.

  11. 0122013aa2 says:

    I like Cinderella because she is pretty and her stepmother makes her do all the cleaning and a fairy god mother appears and makes her pretty with the glass slippers and sparkly blue gown.The fairy god mother says the spell will cast at mid night.Cinderella tricks her step mother by coming to the ball. These are my favourite parts of the story.

  12. 0122013ms1 says:

    I like Cinderella wene a fairy came and put a spell to make her buetiful and l like wene she went to the ball and it was 12 o’clock she didn’t realise so she quickly ran and dropped her shoe and ran as fast as she can so she wouldn’t get caught. She found a Hors so she desieds to ride on it. This is my favourite story

  13. 0122013ha says:

    My faviorte tardionl story is the three little pigs.I like the the part when the big bad wolf said if in you don’t let me I’ll hoof and puff and blow your house down and also there is anthor part that I also like that is when the three little pigs build houses.My faviorte part is when the mummy pig said you have to go and live in your own house.

  14. 0122013mz says:

    Cindralla is my favourite character because I like her dress that the fairy made her. She is kind and beautifull.she has beautifull long hair and nice glass shoes.she is from the story Cinderella.

  15. 0122013ms says:

    Cindarella Is kind and helpful her stepmother makes her clean the house every single day . Cinderellas stepmother is very mean her two sisters are mean as their stepmother.cindarella wears a beautiful dress when her sister seen the dress they get jeols

  16. 0122013ap says:

    Cinderella is kind and helpful . She always has to do all of the work . She never Is allowed to go outside and she just has lots of work .Before , she had a rag , ripped and a brown dress which is full of dirt by all of the cleaning she has done . Cinderella has two step sisters who are so mean , rude , bossy and very shouty . All they do to Cinderella is say ” oh Cinderella,come and get my clothes ! If I had these sisters , I would never ever listen to them because who would want to listen to a person who tell people what to do?

  17. 0122013fa1 says:

    I like cinderella because she is kind and loving and their stepmother and stepsisters makes to clean the house every single day and their stepmother and stepsisters are mean a royal male arrives at their house and their stepsisters and stepmother weare and nice dresses and then she went to the ball and had a dance with the prince and then Cinderella and the prince,got married.

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