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This week Year 3 learnt how to mummify a body. We learnt about this because the Ancient Egyptians used to mummify bodies as they believed inĀ an after life. Miss Heyes mummified the body and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Descriptive writing challenge

Write four or five fabulous descriptive sentences about this broken window. Who could have lived in a house like this? Think about adjectives, conjunctions and sentence openers. Remember to show off your very best writing skills.

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The Ancient Egyptians

This is our exciting new theme. Do you know any facts about the Ancient Egyptians? Add your comments below.

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Welcome to Year three’s class blog

Miss Heyes and Mrs Brindle welcome you. Here you will find posts linked to what we have been learning about. You are very welcome to comment on posts. All comments will be moderated before being posted live.

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