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School Linking Project with The Gates Primary School

Today Year 4 met their new friends, from The Gates Primary school, for the very first time. They played various sports with them at Bolton College.

Tell me what you enjoyed about this experience. Who did you meet? Which sports did you enjoy playing?


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Year 4 Bonfire Night Haiku Poems

Year 4 have enjoyed reading Haiku poems.

A Haiku poem originates from Japan. It consists of three lines.

The first line has five syllables.

The second line has seven syllables.

The last line has five syllables.

Please read Year 4’s poems and let them know what you think. Have they used the correct number of lines and syllables? Have they used adjectives, powerful verbs, onomatopoeia or alliteration?

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What if it never ever rained again?

In class we are learning about The Water Cycle. We had an interesting discussion about what would happen if rain didn’t exist. Talk about this with your parents and add a comment about what you think would happen. You could give some advantages and disadvantages of life without rain…. I am looking forward to reading them!


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What happened at the end of the story?

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Anglo Saxon Villages


This week we have been finding out about what it was like to live in an Anglo Saxon Village and we designed our own maps of an Anglo Saxon Village.

Tell me something that you have found out.


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The Iron Woman

imageMake a prediction about what you think might happen next.

Have you got any interesting questions about the text so far? Is there anything puzzling you?

Add some new vocabulary that you have learnt from this book.

Can you summarise what has happened so far in three sentences?

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Year 4 investigated how sound travels and enjoyed making string telephones. Using the iPads, they carried out research about Alexander Graham Bell. They also wrote fantastic poems based on ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough. What a busy week with lots of wonderful learning!

Tell me something interesting that you have learned about sound this week.

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Playing the Viola

On Tuesday afternoon the children played the Viola in a performance for the parents. They have only been playing since September and it was amazing to see how well they performed and how much they have progressed in such a short space of time. Well done Year 4.

Share something interesting that you have learnt about the Viola.

Parents, what did you think of the performance?


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Shape poems – water pollution

This gallery contains 8 photos.

We are reading The Iron Woman by Ted Hughes and it has inspired us to write our own poems about water pollution. Take a look and tell us what you like about them and describe how they make you feel.

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Water Pollution Poems

We have been reading The Iron Woman and we have just discovered that she is living in polluted water alongside many animals. She now wants to save them from harm and has asked Lucy for her help.

We decided it would be a good idea to persuade the world to reduce water pollution and we have written our own poems. What do you think of our poems?


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