Shape poems – water pollution

We are reading The Iron Woman by Ted Hughes and it has inspired us to write our own poems about water pollution. Take a look and tell us what you like about them and describe how they make you feel.


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19 Responses to Shape poems – water pollution

  1. 0122010up says:

    Awesome writing and good rhyming.

  2. 0122010up says:

    Awesome writing.

  3. 0122010zk says:


  4. 0122010zk says:

    I love them

  5. 0122012Nh says:

    Nice poems

  6. 0122012HH says:

    Awesome poems

  7. 012clarksons says:

    I am very proud of your hard work and I love your poems Year 4. I am pleased with your use of rhyming words and I love how you played on your reader’s emotions. You thought really carefully about the use of vocabulary and there are some superb adjectives and powerful verbs. Some of you managed to use alliteration too! Well done and keep up the excellent work. You have made me think more about how to take care of our planet.

  8. Arsalan says:

    Fantastic poems guys. Keep up the great work

    Arsalan Aslam

  9. 0122012uk says:

    I like your poems

  10. 012prices says:

    Some very thought provoking ideas that will make people think twice about water pollution Year 4 – well done! I’m very impressed with the poetic techniques that you have used to help to get your point across.

  11. 0122012sa says:

    Good poem awsome adjectives Maryam Aslam

  12. 0122012di says:

    Great poems guys. I really liked how you came up with the idea of drawing a river on a raindrop. I also enjoyed reading them.

  13. 0122012ba says:

    Amazing writing, Keep up the good work!

  14. 0122012uk says:

    Cool writing nice ryiming words

  15. 0122012uk says:

    Cool writing

  16. 0122012ap1 says:

    I like the way you took a photo of your poem instead of typing it up!

  17. 0122010zk says:

    Well done☺☺☺. That looks cool I like the raindrop and the river.

  18. 0122010sm2 says:

    Great use of rhyming and alliteration! 🙂

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