Our Christmas holiday highlights

CHRISTMAS5-300x300LO: In this blog, write a short descriptive passage describing some of your Christmas holiday highlights.

Remember that we are using the blog to develop our writing and share our learning with the world wide web!

So remember to show off your very best literacy skills

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18 Responses to Our Christmas holiday highlights

  1. 0122011kc says:

    on the Christmas holidays I went to London and met all my family on the 24th December we slept at about 9 and in the morning we opened our presents I got an Xbox one and that Christmas was the best ever. I hope the rest of you had a brilliant Christmas. and for the people who don’t celebrate Christmas how was your?

  2. 0122011ap1 says:

    On saturday 31st of december2016 i woke up very happy because i was going to go to air volt for the first time in forever !so i got out of my nice cosy bed and went down stairs to eat some yummy breakfast.for breakfast i had some eggs and beans on toast.after that i brushed my teeth,got ready and combed my hair!i was soooooo excited! Soon it was time to set of so when all my family met me near my house we set of.this was a 26 min drive!when we arrived we took our shoes of and our coat of and then we put it in a basket.then we went to an area to watch the rules then it was jump time!

    To see more ,comment and say, i love it please carry on!

  3. Imaan .h says:

    Well done guys I love how explain what did you do

  4. Rehan says:

    Wow amazing

  5. 0122011sl says:

    On Christmas Day I spent the day playing on my new phone with my 2 year old niece Sophia and played with our furbys
    It was also a week after I got my puppy,red.

  6. 0122012zh says:

    I love your theme

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