Seasonal Acrostic Poetry

An acrostic is a poem in which the first letters of each line spell out a word or phrase.

Usually, the first letter of each line is capitalized. This makes it easier to see the word spelled out vertically down the page.


Fingers snuggled in colourful gloves,

Roaring steamy breath,

On roof tops icicles glisten,

Silvery dusting covers the ground,

Ten tingling toes.

By Mrs Lyons

WALT: Write your own FROST acrostic poem.

Acrostics are easy to write because they don’t need to rhyme, and you don’t need to worry about the rhythm of the lines. Each line can be as long or as short as you want it to be.

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21 Responses to Seasonal Acrostic Poetry

  1. 0122011ii says:

    Crunching leaves
    Oh wow it looks supreme
    On my roof there’s snow
    Look the trees are saying hello

    Wow it’s all white outside
    I love the snow
    Naughty children throwing snowballs
    Teachers saying it’s nearly the holidays
    Everyone is in the snow
    Rain falling down

    • Andrea Lyon says:

      Mrs Lyons has been showing us your fantastic poems during our training course that she is running today. I have read your poem and it is fantastic, it creates an image in my head of being outside on a winters day and playing in the snow.
      Keep up the hard work. 🙂

  2. 0122011gc says:

    Silky snow dancing down,
    Nobody silently sleeping,
    Others throwing snowballs,
    Winter weather is coming,
    Mothers making smiles,
    Angels playing in the snow,
    Naughty children throwing snowballs.

  3. 0122011cc says:


  4. 0122011ap1 says:

    Snow fight
    Snowflakes are all around me
    Now is the time to play in the snow
    Oh my its snowed all night
    Why not have a snow ball fight
    Fight all day till the night
    Ice will always cool you down
    Grit will be there on the ground
    Hide now in the town
    Today will be the best day now!

  5. 0122011aa says:

    Fun times in winter.
    Ride in the cold wintery wind
    On the roof Santa is waiting
    Snow falls like confetti in the air
    Time ticks and snow falls and are feast is ready

  6. 0122011kc says:

    Snowman are fun to make especially when your laughing
    Now is the time to go buggy boarding
    One snowman done and now another one
    Wow look at all the snow
    My dad loves making snowmen with me
    At 4 we must look and judge each other’s snowmen
    Night time has come and tomorrow we will make more

  7. 0122011cc says:



  8. 0122011ap1 says:

    snow flake
    sometimes you just feel, the cold snowflakes this is real
    now is the time to carry on ,put a stop and wrap up warm
    oh my is that a snowflake lets see put it on
    wow hey that is cool show your mum after school
    flow snow- flake flow, its time to say hello
    lower it down , I will put it on my fellow
    always be kind because you never ever know
    kind words please or it will run in that hole
    everyone knows that snowflakes don’t run, this is a personification so show them how its done!

  9. 0122011mh1 says:

    Super snow I like snow
    Now we can play
    Oh yay snow
    What fun
    Frosty fun
    Lakes frozen
    Amazing snow
    Kind of cool but we are missing school
    Epic snow

  10. 0122012ba says:

    The poems were amazing! I would like to read them all night I love how you rhymed!
    Zahir ( Year 4 )

  11. 0122011sl says:

    Wind blowing across the snow,
    In the sooty sky it will flow,
    Nobody has hating,
    To turn to wating,
    Everyone has its love,
    rolling white like a dove
    Makes WINTER

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