Spring1 term Writing Challenge

cracked-ice-200x300This 1/2 term’s writing challenge, should you choose to accept:

Use the image to stimulate your writing. Use no more than 120 words

You must include the phrase – I heard a terrifying sound

So is the sound something rising up from the ice or something falling into the ice, what happens next?

Remember that we are using the blog to develop our writing and share our learning with the world wide web!

So remember to show off your very best literacy skills.

Good Luck!

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5 Responses to Spring1 term Writing Challenge

  1. 0122011ap1 says:

    I heard a terrifying sound…
    floating flat on the ocean the big block of ice slowly collapsed.
    Attaching together the wavy water splattered every where!
    Leading the pathway the long river was surrounded by snow
    I heard a terrifying sound …
    Splash- went the icey water trying to attach
    As fast as a leapord, the dancing snow flakes danced there way down getting ready to lay flat and make the most of there lives!

  2. Miss Hignett says:

    What an exciting challenge! I have enjoyed reading your blog year five!

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