Travelling back to Anglo Saxons times

anglosaxonsOur new History topic is the Anglo Saxons.

The video show brief highlights of the type of topic areas we will be looking at, for example Who were the Anglo Saxons? when did they come to Britain? what were their beliefs and their influence in art and culture?

LO: In this blog think about the facts you may already know and what you would like to know more about. Click here to help you research more information about the Anglo Saxons.

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31 Responses to Travelling back to Anglo Saxons times

  1. 0122011gc says:

    The Anglo Saxons wore Armor made of steal and metal. They had swords spears and shields .they died at the same time as the Vikings . There were three strong tribes called the Angles the Saxons ant the Juts .They were around from 500AD to 1100AD which is 600 years. They lived in England and named it and lots of other places . They wore metal hats and wore sandals to protect their feet that were made of leather. They built huts made out of rocks to live in and had small villages.
    I would like to know what type of things they ate and if the hunted animals like foxes, wolves and things. I would like to know where they came from and what the young Anglo-Saxons did . Did the young Anglo-Saxons go to school or did they work all day helping their family to keep them and their family alive? What happened to them , did the Vikings kill them with a war or did they just die naturally?

  2. 0122011ra says:

    Anglo Saxon facts
    The Anglo Saxons are made up of the Anglos the Saxons and the Judes . Some Saxons fought in battles , some gave their lives up for religion and some lived a normal life .In 793 AD the Vikings attacked monks in a monastery in Lindisfarne .They stripped the monks naked, drowned them in the sea , made them slaves and they threw them out of doors.
    I would like to know more about the food the Anglo Saxons ate. Also I want to know what Anglo Saxons wear .Another thing is what is the currency. Who was the leader of the Saxon army. What were the houses made of.

  3. 0122011hc says:

    Anglo Saxon Facts
    The Saxons are made of Anglos the Saxons and the Judes. The Vikings invaded Lindisfarne on 793 AD. They stripped the monks naked to embarrass themselves, the Vikings took some of the monks to be there slaves and they burnt the Monastery where the monks use to worship everyday and the Vikings drowned the monks into the sea, the people died from spears and swords etc. Some of the Vikings threw them out the doors and let them die. Anglo Saxons houses were made out of wood and they have rotten away in the years.
    I liked to know what they eat ? i like to know what they use to wear. Also I would like to know what currency they have.

  4. 0122011ih says:

    Did you know that in 793 ad the Vikings raided the island called Lindisfarne .The monks were all killed some was killed by hanging them in chains some was forced to be slaves but they said no so they died anyway some was stripped naked so they died in humiliation and committed suicide and the rest was drown in the sea . The Vikings was from Scandinavia meaning Denmark, Sweden , Norway. The Vikings never wore tusks on their helmet yet they did make them .The famous tribes in the Anglo Saxons were the angles the Saxons and the jutes. The Vikings were farmers and they raided the island because where they were had really harsh weather and they needed a hot place to farm because they couldn`t grow anything.
    What did the Anglo Saxons eat? What was there favourite game? Who was the richest Anglo Saxon?
    By imaan.h y5

  5. 0122011sk says:

    The Anglo Saxons lived in England. There were some who lived in Lindisfarne [a.k.a] holy island, just outside of Britain and people called them Monks . Monks are people who do praying for a living they got INVADED BY THE VIKINGS!!!! In 793 AD. Around year 450, Germany and Denmark raided Britain.

  6. 0122011sa says:

    The Anglo Saxons Were people from north Western Europe.Romans were still in control.There are different groups of Anglo Saxons the angles,Saxons and the Jutes,
    They defeated the Romans,when they used to go to war unlike the Romans they never went home.They were still here when the Romans were in Britain,also the Vikings came along and in 793 the Vikings raided in Lindisfarne now is known as holy island. They attacked because they new the Anglo Saxon monks had a lot of treasures.there was also a leader called Julia’s Ceaser.

    I would like to know more about Anglo Saxon children did they use to go to school and were only boys were aloud to be educated and do jobs and girls just have to clean?How many wars did they have and how many did they start and how many were there fault?
    By safa

    • Miss Fogg says:

      I am at a training session with Mrs Lyons who is showing us all of your fabulous work!
      I can see you have already learnt lots about the Anglo Saxons already and some very interesting questions!

  7. 0122011ii says:

    Anglo Saxon by Imaan.I
    The Anglo-Saxons were people that came to England many years ago.The most popular tribes were the Angles,the Saxons and the Jutes.Many Anglo-Saxon people were monks.Some of the monks lived in Lindisfarne. Lindisfarne was destroyed by Vikings,they killed many of the Anglo-Saxon monks.Anglo Saxons were involved in many wars,they conquered Britain.

    Were Anglo-Saxons friends with the Vikings?
    Did all of them live in a monestery?
    Why did people name England after Angle land?
    Where did they come from?

  8. 0122011aa says:

    Anglo Saxons
    In 793 AD the Anglo Saxons’ religious island of Lindisfarne was attacked by the Vikings and they killed all of the monks that lived there. Anglo Saxon children would not go to school instead girls would help around the house and boys would learn the skills of their fathers. The Anglo Saxons would live in a hut.
    What did they wear? What did they do in their spare time?

  9. 0122011ap1 says:

    The Anglo-Saxons were a group of men who used to fight .They wore heavy helmets with silver metal shields . Their shields were as big as a human being who is 135cm long .Most of the Anglo-Saxons were born to be fighters .When I said most of them I meant that not all of them were born to be fighters . Being an Anglo-Saxon fighter is very hard work . The shield is so heavy last time in year 4 when I learnt about the Anglo-Saxons at the end of the theme a man who is from a museum came in and showed us the clothing that the Anglo-Saxon used to wear and he also let us hold the shield. OH MY it was the most heaviest thing I have ever held in school!

    Is being an Anglo-Saxon very fun?
    What colour is most important to the Anglo-Saxons?
    How long have they lived for?

  10. 0122011mk says:

    In year 5 we have learnt about the Anglo Saxons . The Anglo Saxons once lived in really small huts.The Anglo Saxons were split into Angles and Jutes. The Vikings once attacked Lindisfarne and took most of the precious things over there. The people who lived in Lindisfarne were called Monks all they did day and night was eat a little bit then pray a lot then sleep for a little bit now Lindisfarne is called Holly Island. The Vikings used to say they are going to wear helmets with horns on it to make them look fierce but they really didn’t wear helmets with horns on it. For punishments they drowned them,stripped them naked or and they took some as slaves.

    Did the Anglo Saxons or Vikings have children? Did all Vikings and Saxons grow up to fight?

  11. 0122011mh1 says:

    Did you know that the Anglo-Saxons used to live in England? They also lived in Lindisfarne. Well monks did. In 793 AD the Vikings attacked Lindisfarne. They killed most of the monks but some they stripped naked and humiliated them.
    How many kings did the Anglo Saxons have?
    Megan Year 5

  12. 0122011sk1 says:

    The Anglo-Saxons was living in a hut and it was placed on a field and it was made out of sticks and straw and the Vikings was doing lots of wars on Lindisfarne to kill monks and they was good the monks and very nice and the Vikings destroyed the monks life and the Vikings murdered and strip them and they drawned them in the sea.
    What were they wering ?

  13. 0122011ha says:

    The Anglo Saxons. Hasan Adam
    When the Saxons came to Britain they found good land. The Anglo -Saxon lived in Britain. Just far of Britain there is a little piece of land called Holy island or
    Lindisfarne which is a Monastery where monks lived. Saxons made pots by hand. In Britain most Saxons were called Saints or Christians so they set up mini churches.

    I would like to find out what Saxons eat? Did the Saxons make pottery or things out of ores?

  14. 0122011jh says:

    Did you know that the Anglo- Saxons used to live in England? The Anglo-Saxons also used to live on a island called Holy Island.The male people who lived on Holy Island were called Monks. The Monks used to pray in a place called the Monastery. In 793 AD some people called the Vikings invaded Holy Island. The Vikings murdered some of the Monks or drowned some of the Monks. The Vikings burned down the Monastery.
    What type of clothes did the Anglo-Saxons wear? What did the Anglo-Saxons used to eat? Jenna-Louise Year 5.

  15. 0122011mb says:

    Anglo Saxon monks were invaded by Vikings in 793 AD the Vikings burnt down the monastery in Lindisfarne on holy island. Most of the Anglo Saxon monks were killed. Anglo Saxons were usually farmers; monks lived on holy island as they could concentrate on worshipping. Some Anglo Saxon monks were stripped naked, others were insulted, and some drowned in the sea, some the Vikings took to be slaves. The Vikings came from all the way from Scandinavia which is made up of 3 different countries, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The Anglo Saxons lived in England. The 3 most famous Anglo Saxon kingdoms were the angles, the Saxons, and the jutes. The Vikings didn’t wear helmets with tusks but they still made them.
    What did the Anglo Saxons eat?
    Did they have a special type of building?
    What did the Anglo Saxon children do in their time off?
    Did the Anglo Saxons have schools?
    What materials were the Anglo Saxon clothes made from?
    Madiha Y5

  16. 0122011ys says:

    Anglo Saxon
    i know about the Anglo Saxon that they wore armour were made out of iron also there helmets were made out of iron. They were from Scandinavia. They were strong but I think the Vikings were stronger. .The Anglo-Saxons lived in Britain. In 793AD the Vikings attacked the Anglo Saxon.
    What food did the Anglo-Saxons eat and drink? What type of clothes did they wear? What materials were the clothes made out of? Were the anglo Saxons clever or dumb?


  17. 0122011kc says:

    In year 5 we have learnt about the Anglo-Saxons. The Anglo-Saxons were split into Angles, Saxons and the Jutes. The Vikings invaded Lindisfarne in 793AD and it was destroyed they burnt the monestry they stripped them naked and picked on them they even drowned them in the sea. and Lindisfarne is now refferd as Holy Island. The people who lived in Lindisfarne (holy island) are called monks they were Christians and spend there time praying to their god.
    Personally I would love to learn how the kids surived in saxon life and if they ever went to school. And I would like to try what food they eat and learn.did the Vikings and anglo-saxons ever had war together and where they did.

  18. 0122011mh says:

    The Anglo Saxon monks got murder dye the Vikings in Lindisfarne. Some got killed ,strip naked or brand in the sea.
    I would like to know what there homes were like. Did some served or did they feeld.

  19. 0122011cc says:

    Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
    Anglo Saxons where people that came from England many years ago. The Anglo Saxons monks lived in Lindisfarne. The Vikings invaded the Anglo Saxons.
    Did all the Vikings grow up to fight in wars? When the Viking fighters went to war what did the kids do? How many Anglo Saxons went to war with the Vikings? Who was the leaders for the Anglo Saxons and Vikings? Why did Vikings fight?

  20. 0122011ap says:

    The first Viking invasion was in 793AD, at Lindisfarne sometimes called Holy Island. The Vikings went to Holy Island/ Lindisfarne , killed some the monks and took all the treasure and their belongings . Not all the monks got killed , some of the monks were taken as slaves and some of them drowned in the ocean . The Vikings also burned down the monestry that the monks built out of wood and stone so it was easy for the Vikings to burn down .
    I would like to know how the Anglo Saxon children lived?

  21. 0122011ha1 says:

    We have learnt about the Anglo-Saxons who were the people who lived in Britain before the Vikings. Some of the Anglo-Saxons were Monks who builds Monestries in Lindisfarne which is known as Holy Island. The Anglo-Saxons makes stuff out of metal, steal and leather.
    The Anglo-Saxons houses were squared shape or oblong, and built over sunken pits covered by wooden plank floors. from Hussain

  22. 0122011ua says:

    We have learnt about the Vikings. The Vikings invaded Lindisfarne and attacked the monks and monasteries. They killed the monks in different ways. The Vikings came from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The vikings lived in huts.
    from Umair

  23. 0122011aj says:

    History of Anglo Saxons
    The Anglo Saxons lived over a 1,000 years. They lived in huts made out of straw. England was full of Saxons. An island called Holly Island was mostly full of monks. The monks prayed day and night. They lived in monastery. The Anglo Saxons hunted for animals.
    The rules for Anglo Saxons were if they threw you into the lake and you drowned you were innocent and if you did not drown you were the criminal. The other rule was you’d be hung and people would throw food on you e.g. throw eggs. And there were lots more rules.

    The Vikings invaded Britain. They decided to invade Holly Island. The reason why they chose to invade Holly Island was the monks were very week and they had lots of treasure. the Anglo Saxons were fighting but the monks and the Saxons died.

    Did the anglo Saxons have toys to play with.

  24. 0122011dh says:

    The Anglo-Saxons lived over 1000 years ago. The Anglo-Saxons came from countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They were very vicious and violent people. Boys learned the skills of their fathers. They had a weird way of telling who did it like The Water Test. Here’s how The Water Test works . They tie you up and throw you into a river. If you sank, you were innocent . If you floated, you were accused guilty and you were put in the stocks or hung by the neck etc . Either way you died so it was best to follow the rules.
    I would like to know what people were like back then in 500AD . Were they nice? Were they nasty?

    By Daniyal . H

  25. 0122011hs says:

    The Vikings first invasion was in 793 AD. The Vikings invaded Lindisfarne/Holy Island where the monks lived and took their treasure, some of them drowned, stripped some naked and left them outside to die, they killed some, took some and used them as slaves.The Vikings also burned down the monastery which was made of wood so they re-made it but this time they made it out of stone.
    I would like to learn about how the Anglo Saxon children lived?

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