Welcome to our world

Hi! Welcome to our Year 6 blog. As a class, we are constantly striving and persevering to reach our full abilities and this blog will help us on the journey. We will be using this to share our fantastic learning and exciting experiences with you around the world.

This is an exciting opportunity for us so please write back-we would love your feedback!



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Drumz Aloud!

Today we had a fantastic-but exhausting- drumming workshop. Some of the moves were tricky but we all had so much fun! Look at the smiles on our faces!

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Blood type

For our theme we enjoyed looking at the different components of blood. It isn’t just red liquid you know! Look at our red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma!

Year 6, do you know what your blood type is?

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Heart beats

As part of our continued learning about the heart, follow this link to help you learn what the heart does and the parts of the heart.


Have a look at thisĀ fun song about the heart-I warn you, it is very catchy!

Share any new facts that you have found out!


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Brilliant burger

As part of our theme “America” we made burgers. Firstly we tasted a myriad of sauces, cheeses and salads to see which combination was our favourite. We loved most of the different sauces (although for most of us mustard was not our favourite!)

From this, we designed four burgers that we would make and decided on our favourite design.

Next came the fantastic part-making!

For some of us it was our first time handling raw meat which was an experience (for some not a pleasant one!) We measured and rolled the burgers. As they were cooking, we prepared our burger bun by stacking it with all our best ingredients.

Finally it was time for our favourite part…. To devour our delicious burgers! Overall, it was a fantastic day and we will all definitely be making our own burgers in future now we know how easy it is.


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